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Meet Simon

This picture was taken in Yellowstone National Park shortly after Simon had an intimate conversation with a buffalo. This is Simon, to a tee. He craves excitement and would, if I suggested it, embark on a run up and over the mountains outside our house without asking how long we would be gone. At the same time, he would just assume have a long conversation about all things life, from Einstein to God to the weather to why he picks up so much iron dust with his very large magnet. He makes jewelry and sells at a nearby farmers market and once sold a lemon given to him as a gift not 30 minutes before for $5 inside a Whole Foods Market without our immediate knowledge. What a kid, no, what a person he is. His vigor for life inspires us all, no joke. We are motivated to match his energy in our pursuits and it is one very important aspect of where our lives together are headed. 


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