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boy and girl digging in the grass and dirt discovery blog post

When you were a kid you probably did something like this, discovering something in the grass like a bug or maybe a four leafed clover, and it fascinated you. Now, maybe not, but then, like our kids Simon and Sophie pictured here, it was the greatest moment of the moment, then they were undoubtedly on to something else. Life is filled with these moments of discovery even for us adults like finding a new great Youtube channel or a new salad dressing you wonder how you lived without. Well, welcome to our crib! You've now discovered us. We are a carefully curated e-commerce store dedicated to the beloved little ones, but we are more than that. We hope you will follow along with this space where you will get to know our family of four. We have chosen a non-traditional path of child raising and life in general and we look forward to sharing our thoughts and moments in time with you.

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