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Dancing and Twirling Through Life

So there's this guy called Mr. Nature (pictured here in the red and white cap). Our son Simon loved this guy who makes occasional appearances in the park or outside the neighborhood toy store. He does music for kids and we know most all of his music by heart, some covers, some originals. Once we met a friend of Simons there who had never experienced Mr. Nature and it was interesting to see how at first there was shyness, just sort of standing there, but by the end of the set she was dancing and twirling like a regular. It reminds me of me when I was a kid, standing on the outskirts of the fun, not sure of myself. This is like life. Hesitancy at first generally, then with a little courage, stepping into the fun and the fray. It can be scary to do something different, like 'someone might see me', but as soon as we do, we can experience a whole new reality. Like, why didn't I jump in sooner? Sometimes it's good to think like a kid and throw caution aside.Like caution? What's that? Ha! Sophie (pictured here) was so tired she was glad to lay down and rest.



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